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An Intelligent, Aggressive, and Ethical Divorce Attorney

I am a very skilled Divorce Lawyer who offers legal representation in Marital Dissolution and Child Custody matters throughout the entire State of California including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento as well as New York State, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. concerning Dissolution, Paternity Tests, Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Support, Alimony, Spousal Support, and Community Property matters at all stages of Divorce Court. I am particularly adept at providing effective Collaborative Divorce and family law negotiations to create fair and cost-effective resolutions between couples and parents, as I am a certified Parenting Coordinator and Special Master who has a natural and honed ability to craft working agreements between high conflict parents.


“I liked your way of doing things better than [other lawyers]…I will always be grateful to you for originally offering me your reduced hourly rate – and even more so for reaching out to me one more time when you suspected that I could not afford it. You’re obviously a real advocate with a heart, helping regular people get through injustices that happen in their daily lives . . .”

– A Father’s Testimonial after the end of a Successful Family/ CPS Matter, September 24, 2009.


I just wanted to thank you for your time, you really built up my confidence and gave me hope. You made me feel like I have a chance to make things right. I felt like I didn’t know how to defend myself because of my wife and her attorney. . . I wish I would have found you earlier . . .”

– Emailed Testimonial, Feb. 5, 2010.


Divorce and Child Custody Lawsuits are Common.

My approach is unique.

Divorce has huge impacts on a family: for the parents, the children, and the extended family members as well. I am mindful of the human cost in divorce and child custody litigation. I am entirely focused on minimizing discord between parents and finding peaceable resolutions that focus on everybody’s best interests as soon as possible. When representing clients who do not have children in divorce matters, I remain focused on fairness and the guidance that the law provides because ethics is a keystone of my work as a lawyer.

I am a very dedicated, aggressive, and intelligent divorce attorney serving the entire State of California including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Redding, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego, as well as Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, and the State of New York.


Family Law Practice Areas:


Collaborative Divorce Attorney

I offer Collaborative Divorce representation for parents who are capable and interested in amicably settling their Child Custody, Child Support, and Community Property issues with the potential assistance of a third-party neutral mediator, family law therapist, and accountant, if necessary. I offer legal mediation in the Collaborative Divorce process in which I would be hired by both parents to help them craft a Settlement Agreement in accordance with the law. I can help clients select high quality and affordable psychotherapists, such as Marriage and Family Therapists and Child Psychologists, as well as certified financial planners and certified professional accountants (CPA), to help inform the process of creating a workable Co-Parenting Plan and Settlement Agreement. Through my legal expertise and any necessary third-party professional guidance, the Collaborative Divorce process can help parents sift through the most tense Child Custody and Property Division issues thereby skipping much of the trials and tribulations of divorce court. Ultimately, this kind of reasonable solution benefits the divorcing couple and their families, not to mention it is significantly less costly and less time-consuming than divorce litigation.

Family Law Attorney for LGBT Clients

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community deserve the best legal representation in crafting Domestic Partnership and Marvin agreements, which are similar to Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements. I am a unique Family Law Attorney in that I am mindful of the needs of the LGBT community and cater to them with intelligence, grace and creativity. I also offer legal representation for would-be parents in adoption cases, focusing especially on overcoming hurdles to adoption.  In this capacity, I carefully consider the challenges that Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual parents face during the adoption process.

I am devoted to fighting tenaciously for clients’ basic human rights to a family, sufficient quality time between each parent and their children, and the right to not be discriminated against based on one’s gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle.

So when the tranquility of your private life and the sanctity of your sense of self is disturbed by a Family Conflict, you will very much appreciate the compassionate and ethical legal counsel that I provide.

I am a very dedicated, aggressive, and intelligent Divorce Attorney serving the entire State of California including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Redding, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego, as well as in Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, and the State of New York.


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