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As a full scope Property Law Attorney, I offer dedicated legal representation for individual and corporate clients in Residential and Commercial Litigation and Transactions involving Real Estate, Mortgage Foreclosures, Landlord Tenant Law, Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law, and Estates and Probate Law. My Property Law practice offers passionate and thoughtful representation in Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Litigation, Wills and Trusts, Probate Lawsuits, Real Estate Purchase Contracts, Agriculture Law, Land Use issues, Easements, Rights-of-way, Nuisance, Trespass, Breach of Contract, Bad Faith, Landlord-Tenant disputes, and Real Estate Investment Fraud matters. I also offer Property Law representation to Brokers and Agents, as well as Sellers and Buyers, in Real Estate Mediation and Real Estate Arbitration matters concerning Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Property Title, and Escrow disputes.


“…the Olympic performance of [Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq.] . . . must be shared with anyone who is in the need of an attorney who has the Brass Spheroids that will reassure you that you have made the right choice in finding a lawyer . . . After a year of being ignored, lied to, watching my hair turn gray, and basically being beaten up by “Big Banking,” we found a guy to take our side and be the David against this modern day Goliath. . . . Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq. has the experience, knowledge, and determination one should want and demand in an attorney. Reading the E-mails/ letters he has been writing on our behalf is like watching a 100 yard kick-off return by an athlete on steroids but you don’t care because he’s on your team. . . .” – Client Emailed Testimonial, August 15, 2010.


In Intellectual Property Law matters, I offer Plaintiffs and Defendants strong representation in Federal and State Courtrooms, at Alternative Dispute Resolution hearings, and at Negotiation tables. Whether your matter involves disputed issues pertaining to Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Entertainment Law, I am eager to offer you professional legal advice and aggressive attorney guidance through the minefield of Litigation.

I offer Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law representation for clients who are personally affected by the housing crisis. I am eager to confront national banks and mortgage lenders about Predatory Lending practices, Wrongful Foreclosure, filing a faulty Notice of Default, and illegal practices concerning Mortgage Modification programs. Mindful of the fraudulent and numerous debt relief and mortgage modification shams that have been flooding the market, I am fully determined to bring appropriate Property lawsuits alleging fraud and breach of contract on behalf of clients suffering from the distressed housing market and the ensuing flood of mortgage foreclosures.

I offer Commercial Real Estate legal representation for clients in various industries including Electronics Manufacturing, Computer IT, Software, Auto Repair, Residential Housing Developments, Subdivisions, Construction Projects, Agriculture (e.g., Farms, Vineyards, Ranches), Fashion, Retail, Restaurants, Medical, Dental, and Finance.

In Landlord-Tenant disputes, I offer intelligent and exacting legal representation for a diverse array of landlords and tenants in commercial property and residential property leases to efficiently resolve litigation concerning breach of contract, wrongful eviction, and property damage. I am eager to draft Commercial Lease Agreements, Easements, Property Title, and Real Estate Escrow documents. While I encourage Arbitration and Mediation as a means of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Real Estate Law, I am determined to effectively litigate appropriate Property dispute matters.

I offer passionate and intelligent Property Law Attorney representation for landlords and other landowners of Commercial Property and Residential Real Estate in dealing with the municipal government and its administrative bodies such as the City Council, as well as with the county, state and federal government, in Public Takings, Eminent Domain, Reverse Condemnations, Housing Code Violations, and Red Tag notices.

When Property Law merges with Personal Injury Law, I offer aggressive legal representation for premises liability lawsuits that arise when a renting tenant or a guest is injured in a residential unit or on commercial property as a result of a land hazard, ongoing construction, or inherently dangerous activity on the land. In such matters, I am eager to represent either landlords and tenants, for justice often cuts both ways.

In Probate Disputes and Estate Planning Transactions involving Wills and Trusts, I offer eloquent and professional legal representation prepared to try to resolve your most serious legal concerns effectively and efficiently. Whether your concerns involve Litigation due to Fraud, Undue Influence, or Duress in the context of Estate Portfolios involving Wills and Trusts, or you are seeking an attorney to help you create a thorough and professional Estate Planning Document including a Living Will, a Support Trust, a Charitable Trust, a Pour-Over Will, a Testamentary Trust, Powers of Attorney, and other plans to ensure your Estate, beneficiaries, and heirs are protected in the event of a major life crisis, I offer peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic landscape.

Property Law Practice Areas:


“The county tried to steamroll me with a ten day hearing notice and there were only three days left by the time I found Aly. Aly got up to speed on the law and the particulars and gave more than able representation. The county tried every trick in the book, but Aly held them to their own rules and won the case. It was a marvel to watch. He was professional and passionate and on my side. He was brilliant, both on the law and on his courtroom tactics. How many attorneys are more concerned that they not offend the court (officials, prosecutors, bureaucrats and even judges), rather than to give 100% for their clients? Aly did a great job standing up to them and I look forward to his help in the future, should need arise.” – Property Law Client Testimonial, September 20, 2011.


I proudly offer intelligent, ethical, and aggressive legal representation in Property Litigation, Transactions, Arbitration, and Mediation matters for Corporations and Individuals, Property Sellers and Buyers, Commercial and Residential Landlords and Tenants, and Brokers and Agents who demand a responsive and motivated Property Lawyer.

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